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Community | Express Pros Manchester


We are a very community focused company and continually seek to help those in need. Example of where we are involved:

ANGIE’S EXPRESS: Our internal program to help homeless mother’s get back on their feet. We select people who we can “train-up” by giving them better interviewing skills, revamped resumes, and generally teach them how to present themselves better. We then use our extensive contact list to locate companies that are also interested in helping. This is all done without any fees to the candidate or the hiring client.

VETERAN’S EXPRESS: Similar to ANGIE’S EXPRESS, except we focus on recently returning Iraq/Afghan war vets who are having a difficult time re-employing. Where needed, we work with them to better translate their experience in the military to a more civilian equivalent, work on their interviewing skills, and present them to our client base. This is also without any fees to the veteran or the client.

THANKSGIVING DINNERS: Each year, we choose deserving families from our associate database and provide them with Turkeys and a gift card to the local supermarket to buy a complete thanksgiving dinner for their families. Special consideration is given to those most in need during the holiday period.


We encourage everyone to take leadership and other volunteer roles in their communities. Examples have been leading the local SHRM association, coaching youth sports, providing assistance to homeless associates, participating in Habitat for Humanity, fundraising programs for Children’s Hospital Boston, and several others. Our office also provides for 1 paid day per quarter for each employee to volunteer in their community.

Food Drive & Donation - NH Food Bank 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner award - 2012

Hooksett Food Drive 2013