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Employee of the Month | Express Pros Manchester

October 2014 - Michelle Chivers

Michelle always has a smile on her face and an uplifting attitude to go with it! She has an outstanding work ethic and always put 110% of herself into the work she does. This kind of attitude is contagious and we know she is spreading her positivity and motivation to those around her…thank you, Michelle!

September 2014 - Luis Paulino

You know you have a hard worker when they need to be reminded to take a day off! That is the kind of associate Luis is..he cares about the success of the company he is working for and will do whatever is needed of him to ensure they are successful. He is getting hired on permanently with our client and we will miss his weekly visits :-)

August 2014 - John Sullivan (no picture)

John has been hard-working and dedicated each time we have placed him in an assignment. Clients request him back and hold positions until he is available due to his great performance, upbeat attitude and diverse skill set. We know we can count on him to get the job done and appreciate his hard work!

July 2014- Yoldys Tejada

Our entire team has had the pleasure of working with Yoldys and he is terrific! He faces every challenge head on and if he needs help he does not hesitate to ask. He is always willing to go that extra mile and his enthusiasm is contagious. With Yoldys’ great work ethic and positive attitude we know he will be successful in anything he does!

June 2014-Shyana Sanborn

When Shyana came to our office she knew what she was looking for and we could tell she was going to do whatever it took to get it! Her great work ethic, positive attitude and constant improvement is why she has landed a terrific position that is already hinting at her long term Future with the company. Shyana proves that hard work and determination really do pay off!

May 2014 - Sean Winters

With his great skills and past experience, we found Sean a position immediately. He has been reliable, terrific with communication and hard-working since the day he became our associate. Recently, he was given the opportunity to move on to a new position where he can utilize much more of his talents…and he is doing an outstanding job! We look forward to his continued growth and development in his new career.

April 2014 – Dave Ahern

Dave has been a loyal, hard-working associate of Express since the day we met him! He is a friendly, good-natured addition to our team and he brings that great attitude with him each day to work. He is truly a jack-of-all trades and enjoys using his skills to help others, especially if it involves his mechanical aptitude. We appreciate Dave and all of the work he does!

March 2014 – Isaac Wanganga

Isaac has been an associate of Express Employment for exactly one year and in that short time he has proven to possess excellent character and work ethic. He has met every challenge without complaint and offered great support to one of our clients in a time of need, on call 24 hours a day! He is a pleasure to work with and we thank him for all that he has done.

February 2014 - Sarah Witham

Sarah is professional, reliable and terrific to work with! She adapts to any situation with ease and has a way of making those around her feel comfortable. We met Sarah in 2012 and since she has proved herself to be a talented receptionist, greeter and assistant. All of these skills combined with her shining personality make her our employee of the month. Thank you, Sarah!!

January 2014-Robert Sacco

Robert was chosen to kick off this year's Employee of the Month recognition for many reasons. He has never missed a day of work, always has a smile on his face and a good word to share AND we just got the news that he is going to be converted to a full time, permanent employee with our client!! Well done, Robert! Keep smiling :)

December 2013-Chris Violette

It’s not every day you find an associate so willing and ready to do whatever it took to succeed in a new position, but when we met Chris we knew he was just that. Chris came into the office and met with our consultants, interviewed with one of our clients two days later, accepted the job and has been doing terrific work ever since! We know he will continue this success into the New Year!

November 2013 - Susanne Couturier

Hard working, reliable and always willing to help out in a jam make Susanne our top choice for November’s Employee of the Month award! Her vast manufacturing experience makes her an asset in many different environments. She is doing a tremendous job in her current position and we are happy to see her shine 