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Testimonials | Express Pros Manchester

Client Testimonials

Associate Testimonials

“We have recently partnered with Express Employment Professionals to help us accomplish our goals…Express has done an excellent job at servicing our needs for production, technical and administrative staff. Our experience with the staff at Express has been excellent; their responsiveness is top notch and the flexibility they demonstrate has been a tremendous help to us.”

Laurie G. PHR - Director of Human Resources Contract Manufacturing Co.

“My first introduction to Express Employment was a very positive one, in which I had the pleasure of meeting with John. When the opportunity presented itself to utilize temporary services I decided to give them a call. I was very pleased with the prompt response as well as the professional and caring manner that has been evident in all of my dealings with Express. Your staff was eager to learn about our practice and what are needs were which really assisted them in selecting candidates that would be the right fit for us. The follow through with us once the candidates were placed has been excellent. We are currently looking forward to having two temporary staff join our staff on a permanent basis. This has been a very positive experience and Express is an agency that I look forward to working with in the future.”

Debbie C. - Sr. Practice Administrator Medical Services Co.

“The team over at Express has taken the time to understand our needs and the type of staff we are looking for. They have proven to be an excellent business partner and are the first place I look to when we have staffing needs.”

Joseph J. - Warehouse Manager – Nutrition Co.

"Thank you so much for your assistance. I know I have mentioned this in the past, but your company has been wonderful to work with. I have been truly impressed by the manner in which your company conducts business. "

Joanna B. Print marketing co.

“Searching for professional employees is a difficult and time consuming task for any company. Express Employment Professionals has assisted our company in finding dependable, hard working employees over the past six months. This is the first time we have participated in a Temporary to Permanent Program and since that time we have offered full-time positions to several of the Express employees. We have a great relationship with the Express staff and they have a keen understanding of how our business works. They have always been professional, supportive, and available for questions. We consider Express an extension of our organization, providing excellent employees fueling our continued growth.”

Hudson, NH based call center.

“Overall, Express has been outstanding! They excel in fulfilling our staffing needs as well as providing first rate customer service and communication. This really sets them apart from other agencies we have used.”

Amanda O. - Human Resources Consumer Products Manufacturer

“I just wanted to say that your staff has been doing a wonderful job and I enjoy working with them. I’ve received feedback from supervisors and wanted to pass it along. They’ve noticed a better quality of candidate and that our turnover is decreasing. They’ve also mentioned that Express turns requests around in a timely manner especially with little to no notice. I think it’s important that you know that, especially coming from my supervisors.”

Healther G, HR - Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

“Express has been a great resource for staffing needs for our company. The quality of their employees is exceptional and they are extremely responsive to my needs.”

Terry P.- Human Resources Representative Building Structures Manufacturer
Your agency is better than (competitor). Express seems more professional than the other agencies and much more friendly. BONUS  Express has benefits most don’t. That’s great!

- Kristen

You have a very personable staff with positive outlooks and support and make me not only feel I'm part of a team but more like I am family!
- Marvin

Express has the best staff and they got me the best job ever! Thank you! Love you guys.

- Will

I have worked for Express for about a year now and I couldn’t be happier. It’s more than just a business, I feel like part of a family…I strongly encourage anyone looking for work to check into Express Employment, I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.


I had been to many other Agencies and no calls, promising jobs with no success. Express pros impressed me with the one-on-one work they do for you and the do follow up – and I got the job I applied for!

2 weeks after I signed up with Express, I had an interview and was working a week later. It really couldn’t be much easier than that. They did the footwork for me and it was totally free! The staff is really friendly, they go out of their way for you and are very helpful!! I would definitely recommend (and have) Express to ANYONE looking for a job out there.


Before you know it, you’re back to being a working professional once again all because Express Employment was there every step of the way. I’m very glad I was introduced to this office and I will definitely recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for their next job!


I have never worked with a staffing agency before and had some reservations. I would like for you to know that my experience with Express Pros has been fantastic and I was very excited to see that your company was able to assist me in finding employment that was right in line with my work history. Your company is professional and has been prompt to respond to any and all inquiries I have had.